Stephanie Cohen Art

 ARTIST STATEMENT                      

I am an attorney who no longer practices law.  Now I paint.  I found painting through a circuitous route.  After graduating from law school, I was an attorney on Wall Street.  In 2003, after being very ill, I took a painting class.  I have been painting ever since.  Through painting I rediscovered the freedom of my own creativity.  I experienced the healing power of both art and the reflection that is part of my process of painting.  The pain and joy of illness and recovery found expression and release.  Now, as someone who lives with lupus, painting has become a part of who I am, what I enjoy, what challenges and motivates me, and how I see my world.

It is easy to assume your life is “all set.”  The challenge is to be able to reconfigure it when you realize that everything has changed.  I find the same to be true of painting.  It is easy to hold onto the image that you have imagined and sketched and painted.  The challenge is to be able to erase it or paint over it or fix it or remove it when you realize that it no longer works in the painting.

I am a portrait painter with the National Organization "Lost Dreams on Canvas," which is a traveling exhibition as part of the anti-violence program, "The Art of Peace."  This exhibition of portraits of children who were victims of violence harnesses the power of art to reach people and make a statement against violence.

My recent Warrior Series is a series of paintings based on the Seven Chakras and related yoga poses. This is a series of ten paintings of Female Empowerment that guides the viewer through the Chakras, with detailed imagery related to each Chakra.  It is a visual journey culminating in a balanced, peaceful and powerful resolution.

I am currently organizing and curating the group exhibition, "Berkshire Nasty Women Art Exhibition and Fundraiser," which will be on view at The Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield, MA in May, 2017.  This exhibit is in solidarity with the national Nasty Women Art Movement and benefits the ACLU and The League of Women's Voters.

I live in Lee, MA with my husband, 2 daughters and 2 dogs.